Cooked sausage products


Liverwurst 2.


500 g pork liver
2 rolls
250 g pork lard
250 g fatty pork meat
250 ml milk
ground black pepper


1. Make a stock with water and salt.
2. Cook the liver in the stock.
3. Let it cool and mince it.
4. Soak the rolls in milk and squeeze it.
5. Chop the lard and gatty pork meat finely.
6. Combine all the ingredients, salt and knead well by hand. If necessary add some cooking stock.
7. Pour the mixture into sausage stuffer and fill into natural pig casing.
8. Make the whole casing before you tie them into links.
9. Cook the liverwurst in pot of hot water (use the former cooking stock). Cooking temperature: 90 degrees Celsius.
10. Remove them gently, dry out for an hour.
11. Cook it in a kitchen spoon of fat crispy.

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Serve with black pudding and grilled sausage on a common plate.

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