Fresh sausage products


Spicy sausage (Halimba style)


7 kg pork meat (dry)
3 kg pork lard
300 g Hungarian paprika powder (sweet)
120 g Hungarian paprika powder (hot)
60 g ground black pepper
20 g caraway seeds (crushed)
80 g fresh garlic cloves (crushed)
220 g salt


1. Refrigrate the lard and cut it into 1*1 cm dices.
2. Pass the meat through a middle fine meat mincer.
3. Add the salt, garlic, Hungarian paprika (sweet and hot), caraway seeds and the ground black pepper.
4. Knead well by hand.
5. Fill the mixture into natural pork casing.
6. Form pairs (lenght 40-45 cm).
7. If you find air bubbles in your sausages, prick the casings more times with a needle to release the air bubbles.
8. Smoke the sausage slowly until light red coloring.

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Halimba is a Danube Swabian village in Hungary (county Veszprém)

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