Tokány dumplings (Húsos gombóc tokánnyal töltve)

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Tokány dumplings (Húsos gombóc tokánnyal töltve)


5 potatoes (peeled, mealy type)
1 cup Pepper tokány
3 eggs
40 g pork fat


1. Boil five potatoes and rub them through a hair sieve.
2. Add the pork fat, eggs, salt and as much flour as they will adsorb (not too much). The dough must be about the consistency of Hungarian strudel dough.
3. Roll it out and then cut it into squares (or rings).
4. Cut, or grind the "Tokány stew" into small parts.
5. Put a teaspoon filling on squares.
6. Form a dumpling of each square.
7. Drop the dumplings into boiling hot salted water and cook till done.
8. Drain the dumplings.
9. Serve the filled hot dumplings with Hungarian "paprikash gravy".

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Fill the dumplings wit another stew filling (for example Hungarian chicken stew).

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