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Salmon Crepe Wonders


12 crepes
200 g salmon fillet
1 medium onion
300 mL sour cream
20 g butter
3 tsp paprika
1 green pepper
1 tomato


1. Cut the onion into small pieces and place it on the melted butter in a pan.
2. Mix it then add the previously cut up salmon pieces.
3. Add salt, pepper and paprika, then steam for approx. 15 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, add the green pepper and the tomato, both cut up in pieces. Also remove the fish from the paprika gravy and squeeze it with a fork (also remove the aristae that might occur).
5. Add and mix the sour cream to the gravy. Also add and mix 2 tbsp of it to the fish.
6. Place this on the crepes and roll them up.
7. Put the crepes into a heat proof pan and heat them up. Make sure you cover it so that the they don't dry out.
8. Remove the crepes from the pan, cut them into 4 pieces and place them on a plate, forming a fish shape.
9. Filter the gravy and pour it carefully on the fish. Then, decorate! (You can use lemon slices for the gills, caviar or berries for the eyes etc.)

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A very nice christmas dish.

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