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Make your own Christmas-tree cookie cutter!

1. Take a regular (circular) cookie cutter.
2. Measure the perimeter of the cookie cutter (use a measuring tape) to get a "P" value.
3. Draw the desired Christmas tree shape on a piece of paper.
4. Measure the length of its sides.
5. Sum up the lengths of the sides to get an "L" value.
6. The total length (the sum of the lengths of the sides) ("L") needs to be equal to the perimeter of the circle ("P"). You can achieve that if you divide "P" by "L" to get an "F" value.
7. Multiply the length of each little segment (it's easier if you give each side a letter, like a, b, c, etc.) on your Christmas tree drawing by "F". You will get new segments, whose sum will now be equal to the perimeter of the circle.
8. Measure and mark the new segments on the circular cookie cutter and make sure they're in the right order (use the letters you used before. You can use a Sharpie do to the marking) .
9. Take a pair of pliers with relatively narrow ends and use them to bend the cookie cutter at the marks.
10. Wash the cookie cutter and use it to make food decorations (out of cheese, ham, carrots etc.).

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Make other cutter forms!

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