Danube fisherman's soup 1. (Dunai halászlé)

Fisherman's soup


Danube fisherman's soup 1. (Dunai halászlé)


1 kg fish (carp, catfish or other coarse fish - more than one kind of fish)
250 g onions (finely chopped)
Hungarian paprika


1. Scale, wash and slice the fish into fillets.
2. Layer the fish and onion in a large flat pan so that the head and tail portions are at the bottom, then a layer of onions and so on.
3. The best portions of the fish should be at the top.
4. Add just enough water to cover.
5. Salt and bring to the simmer.
6. Half of the paprika is added when the soup comes to the boil, the remainder when it is almost ready.
7. The milk and roe of the fish are added just before the end as they require a much shorter cooking time.

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Serve with noodles.

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