Goulash from the pot (bográcsgulyás)

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Goulash from the pot (bográcsgulyás)


700 g beef shoulder
100 g smoked bacon (lard)
200 g onions, 50 g garlic
10 g ground caraway seeds, 20 g salt
1 chilli pepper
1 kg potatoes
100 g green peppers, 50 g tomatoes
1 portion of small dumplings
20 g sweet ground Kalocsai paprika


1. Dice the meat.
2. Grease a large cooking pot and place the beef bone at the bottom and cover with layers of pieces of meat and diced onion.
3. Place the caraway seeds, crushed garlic, fresh peppers and tomatoes on top of the meat and onions.
4. Put half of the chilli pepper in before cooking, and add the other half when the dish is half cooked.
5. Cook on a low heat and after cooking for a few minutes add the chopped potatoes and ground paprika.
6. Add the celery leaves and boil until the potatoes are almost cooked before adding the small dumplings.

János Garaczy (Tanyacsárda Lajosmizse)

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Serve while very hot.

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