Jubilee platter (Jubileumi bõségtál)

Grilled meat, barbecue


Jubilee platter (Jubileumi bõségtál)


400 g tenderloin
400 g pork fillet
400 g turkey breast
2 puszta spiz
600 g button mushrooms
200 g goose liver
150 g lard
200 g broccoli
200 g carrots
1,5 kg potatoes
300 g rice
200 g tinned fruit
1 lettuce
40 g salt, ground pepper, 100 ml oil
100 g trappista (Hungarian) cheese
100 g butter
100 g breadcrumbs
3 eggs, 100 g flour


1. Marinate the meat prior to cooking.
2. Brush the tenderloin with the oil and leave to stand.
3. Slice the pork fillet and marinate in milk with garlic.
4. Grate the cheese and place on the fillets of turkey breast before rolling them up.
5. Coat the goose livers and button mushrooms in a pancake mixture.
6. When all the ingredients are ready skewer the meat and mushrooms and grill.
7. Steam the vegetables and garnish with a knob of butter before arranging on a large serving plate.
8. Similar arrange the cooked rice and new potatoes or chips on the plate before adding the meat.
9. The dish can be served with both a tartar sauce and Bakony mushroom sauce, served in separate sauce bowls.

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Recipe origin

János Garaczy (Tanyacsárda Lajosmizse)

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