Carnival doughnuts (Farsangi fánk)

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Carnival doughnuts (Farsangi fánk)


1 kg (2 lb) flour
120 g (4 1/2) oz butter
100 g (4 oz) sugar
60 g (2 1/2 oz) yeast
about 400 ml (14 fl oz) milk
yolks of 12 eggs, 2 whole eggs
lemon, rum, salt


1. Make a thin batter of the milk and yeast with a little flour. Set the rise.
2. Then add all the ingredients except the flour.
3. When thoroughly mixed all the rest of the flour.
4. Beat well and set in a warm place to rise.
5. When risen, turn it carefully onto a well-floured board.
6. Stamp the doughnuts out with a biscuit cutter, cover them with a floured cloth and leave then to rise again.
7. When risen, fry a few doughnuts at a time in deep fat.
8. Cover with lid until one side is brown. Then turn over carefully and fry the other side, without the lid on.

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Serve with apricot jam.

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