Plum dumplings (Szilvásgombóc)

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Plum dumplings (Szilvásgombóc)


6 potatoes
3 eggs
50 g (2 oz) butter
plums or damsons


1. Boil six mealy potatoes and rub them through a hair sieve.
2. Add the butter, eggs, salt and as much flour as they will adsorb (not too much). The dough must be about the consistency of rétes dough.
3. Roll it out and then cut it into squares big enough to hold a plum.
4. Stone the plums and fill the cavity with sugar and cinnamon.
5. Form a dumpling of each square.
6. Drop them into boiling hot salted water and cook till done, then drain.
7. Roll the dumplings in breadcrumbs that have been browned in butter or lard, sprinkle with sugar and serve.

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Sprinkle the dumplings with cinnamon sugar.

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