Hungarian sausage Cece style (Cecei kolbász)

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Hungarian sausage Cece style (Cecei kolbász)


7 kg middle-finely ground pork meat
3 kg middle-finely ground pork fat
200 g Hungarian paprika powder (sweet)
200 g Hungarian paprika powder (hot)
20 g ground black pepper
80 g fresh garlic cloves (crushed)
250 g salt


1. Cut the meat and fat parts into dice and pass through a middle fine meat mincer.
3. Then add the garlic, salt, Hungarian paprika powder and ground black pepper.
3. Mix well by hand.
4. Fill the mixture into natural pork casing (length 50-60 cm).
5. Smoke the sausage slowly 2-3 days time.
6. Storage: Store the sausage on a cool and dry place.

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1. Cook the sausage in Hungarian bean soup, or potato paprika.
2. Cut the sausage into rings and place on sandwiches.
3. Cute the sausage into rings and bake it with eggs (sausage omelette).

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