Headcheese 3 (Disznósajt)



Headcheese 3 (Disznósajt)


1 pork head
700 g pork lard
1 pork tongue
500 g pork skin (back skin, belly skin, mixed skin)
6 cloves of garlic (ground)
20 grams of ground black pepper
50 grams of Hungarian paprika
100 g salt


1 Cook the pig's head, lard, tongue and pork skin tender and cut into bigger bites (longish strips).
2 Mix well with, garlic a little bit of cooking liquid, ground black pepper, paprika and salt.
3 Stuff into thoroughly cleaned pig's stomach, sew it together, put into hot water beginning to boil, and cook about 90 minutes.
4 Now press the headcheese overnight.

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Add 1 pork heart.

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