Hungarian sausage links

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Hungarian sausage links


5 kg pork meat
1 kg fresh pork fat
10 g ground black pepper
35 g garlic
3 g caraway
80 g Hungarian paprika powder (sweet)
10 g Hungarian paprika powder (hot)
120 g salt


1. Grind the meat (use a fine grinding plate).
2. Place meat in a large bowl.
3. Crush the garlic cloves and add to mixture.
4. Add all seasoning.
5. Knead by hand the sausage mixture.
6. Fill into pork casing with your favourite stuffing machine.
7. Don't cut the sausage! Make links (pinch the sausage at a point and twist it clockwise).
8. Refrigerate it.

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This sausage is able for pan, and grill method.

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