Paprika sausage (Erdösmecske style)

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Paprika sausage (Erdösmecske style)


5 kg pork meat (leg or shoulder)
2 kg deer leg
3 kg pork fat
20 g ground black pepper
250 g sweet Hungarian paprika powder (20 % hot)
80 g fresh garlic cloves (chopped)
250 g salt


1. Mince the two kinds of meat and pork fat (medium disc).
2. Combine the ground meats with the other remaining ingredients.
3. Stuff into natural pig case (form 55-60 cm length pairs).
4. If you find air bubbles in your sausages, prick the casings with a needle to release the air.
5. Leave them hanging in a cold place overnight.
6. Smoke slowly about 5 days time.

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1. Do not dry out (thanks to the 3 kg of fat).
2. Erdösmecske is a Danube-swabian small village in Baranya county.

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