Stifolder 3.

Smoked salami products


Stifolder 3.


3 kg cooked pork meat (belly, collar butt)
4 kg row pork meat (sausage meat)
3 kg fat
200 g Hungarian paprika powder (sweet)
50 g Hungarian paprika powder (hot)
200 g salt
10 g garlic cloves (crushed)
10 g Kalium-Nitrat


1. Ground the pork meat and fat sorts.
2. Combine the ground meats with the other remaining ingredients.
3. Knead well.
4. Stuff the mix into natural thick casing (colon, or horse thin casing).
5. Stuff very hard and make salamis.
6. Smoke slowly on a cold smoke 4-5 days time.
7. Storage 2,5-3 month on a cool place and eat the first piece.

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Store 8-10 weeks before consumtion!

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